Company Profile
Accutherm is a technicle-oriented company focusing on temperature management.  We provide most suitable products and service for our customers from different fields.  Accutherm is also on the leading edge in data collection and data management.  We provide customers best solution for industrial 4.0 application - in food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental engineer, and aerospace. Our success comes from core technology, and the ability to customize various demands.  Accutherm and our partners commit to support customers and add value on their products.
  • We should carry out anything that is done without compromise honesty and integrity.
  • With innovative technology and excellent quality to meet our customers.
  • To continue to grow, to provide employees and partners attractive pay.
  • Attention and development of staff diversification of talent, initiative and leadership.
Company History
  • 1973Founded JANUARY Corp. establishing thermostat department
  • 1978Signed agency agreement with Emerson Therm-O-Disc to sale bimetal thermostat
  • 1979Signed agency agreement with CAEM to sale capillary thermostat
  • 1984Established Industrial instrument department
  • 1986Developed 48 ×48mm temperature controller(AT48 series) Signed agency agreement wit OHKURA to sale temperature controller and industrial recorder
  • 1988Developed ceramic heater(LHD) and thermal meter(HI)
  • 1989Founded ACCUTHERM Corp. to produce brand own products
  • 1991Signed agency agreement with OYO to sale Temp. & Humi. controller
  • 1995Joint venture with Japan ISUZU to produce thermal switch(AT100 series)
  • 1997Signed agency agreement with RAINBOW Corp. to sale capillary thermostat
  • 2002April: Established China Suzhou office expanding business to east China Dec: Established R&D center in Kawasaki, Tokyo to develop bimetal thermostat
  • 2003Pass ISO 9001/2000 certification
  • 2004Established China Guangzhou office expanding market to south China
  • 2011Signed agency agreement with Portage Electric Product Inc. (PEPI) to sale thermal switch
  • 2013Established IOT department to focus developing wireless Industrial data monitoring system and provide total solution for various industrial applications
Own Brand
Acting Brand